Financial wellness week – RFI Presentation on Financial Wellbeing

Financial wellness week – RFI Presentation on Financial Wellbeing

The APAC Financial Wellness Initiative, in partnership with RFI Global, share the latest insights on financial wellness, confidence and stress in Australia. RFI Global’s Anna Perera-Shaw, Director – Consumer Credit, Deposits & Payments, highlights how the price of household expenses, groceries and petrol continues to increase and the cash rate is rising, and despite the height of the pandemic having passed, there is still considerable uncertainty in the market.

Consumers are saving money where possible and cutting back on personal spending to ensure they are able to meet their bills, and there is a growing focus on the importance of a financial safety net in the case of unexpected expenses. Personal financial management tools and digital apps also play a role in financial literacy and wellbeing, particularly among younger consumers.

Dr. Vinita Godinho, CEO of Financial Resilience, will introduce the session and share strategies for financial wellness, providing clarity on what it means to be financially well and the importance of financial resilience.

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