Accelerating Digital Banking and FinTech in UAE 2022 Webinar

Accelerating Digital Banking and FinTech in UAE 2022 Webinar

Fintechs have been shaking up the financial sector and the UAE is joining the revolution!



Join some of the leaders in the industry as they discuss the global and local digitisation trends in the banking industry and as the UAE joins the global FinTech revolution to respond to ever-changing customer needs and unlocks new digital opportunities and revenue streams.



This webinar highlights the importance of digital transformation, investments in digital capabilities, identity verification and cross-selling that aim to make digital banking more accessible to all.



The first session looks at the Global View on Digitisation & Fintech.



We discussed:

  • Customer channel usage preferences, The Benefits of Investing in Digitalisation, Digital CX and UX, Payments at the Heart of Digital Disruption, and BNPL.
  • The Domestic View on Digitisation & Fintech
  • FinTech revolution, innovation, ever-changing customer needs, digital acceleration on consumer convenience, investing in digital capabilities that support customer acquisition and retention, and combining comprehensive functionality and usability to build attractive digital platforms.



Our first panel discussion talks through Digitisation and fintech in conversation on how consumers are moving from physical to digital commerce, and customer preferences from a global and local perspective.



The second session looks at Perspectives on Cross-selling performance index.



The topic of discussion was:

  • Key components of cross-selling, Cross-sell performance in leading banks and key performance markets.



Our second Panel Discussion has the conversation on optimizing cross-sell as a key driver of customer stickiness and profitability, level of cross-selling in the UAE compared to other global markets, and the importance of digital experience in maximizing cross-sell performance.



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