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RFI Global was founded in 2006 to provide unparalleled financial intelligence for the Asia-Pacific markets and has since grown to a global company with offices in four continents.

The RFI Global Promise

We promise to ask the right questions that yield the right answers to give you the clarity you seek.

RFI Global Magnifying Glass - Data-Driven Insights for Financial Service Providers
Our commitment is measurable – in fact we score an average 9 out of 10 in our post project surveys – evidence that our data and intelligence do deliver. Any score below our benchmark means we have not met the RFI Global Standard of Excellence and our leadership will reach out to you to begin putting feedback into action. We’re serious about every bit of data we collect. Let our numbers convince you.
RFI Global Magnifying Glass - Data-Driven Insights for Financial Service Providers

Since 2006, customized subscription programs have helped our clients gain stronger customer acquisition, engagement and retention by helping them navigate current and historic data & insights across 48 markets. 


Consumer, commercial, and SME Financial Services Councils grant unlimited access to intelligently curated data that answers real world questions about customer drivers of choice, help predict product performance and offers clear insights on the messages that will resonate with your target audience.

Meet Our Team

The RFI Global Promise

Discover the RFI Global values and
how they motivate everything we do
and believe in.

RFI Global - Robust Financial Intelligence


Second only to our need to breath, we thrive on asking the right questions

RFI Global - Robust Financial Intelligence


Not so much a library as a bubbling hub of information and light bulbs going off
RFI Global - Robust Financial Intelligence


The world is changing so fast we’d be doing our clients a disservice if we weren’t staying a step ahead of it

RFI Global - Robust Financial Intelligence


Solid. Unswayed by emotion & opinion. If we write it, you know it’s firmly rooted in numbers and the patterns that emerge
RFI Global - Robust Financial Intelligence


We strive to make our clients at home among copious amounts of data and insights

RFI Global has been working to remove uncertainty from the decision making process of financial service providers since 2006

RFI Global - Market Uncertainty

RFI Global is the only global data & insights company focusing exclusively on financial services.

Financial, Banking, and Retail Customers of RFI Global
Financial, Banking, and Retail Customers of RFI Global
RFI Global Telescope - Data-Driven Insights for Financial Service Providers


Satisfy your curiosity.

Come work with RFI Global.

Why RFI?

Thriving financial organisations need data-driven insights to fuel their decision-making processes. However, the lag in collecting and processing this data means it may no longer be valuable once received. At RFI we’re dedicated to delivering actionable insights across the financial landscape not only efficiently but promptly. We equip leaders across the finance industry with global and regional insights that pinpoint trends, predict future consumer behaviour, sentiment and identify outliers.

Enabling Data-Driven Decision Making for the world's leading financial service providers

Showcase your Intelligence

Our people matter which is why we take a proactive approach to recruitment.

With a strong global reach and a team of experienced staff spanning from product, marketing, sales, research we are constantly on the hunt for ambitious talent to join our ever-expanding team.

Great delivery only happens with great people.

We are committed to fostering a collaborative and safe work environment that supports our team’s development and career goals. If you’d like to join our ranks and make an impact, we’d love to hear from you.

Perks and Benefits

Our perks include, but are not limited to flexible working arrangements, regular employee awards, birthday leave and monthly social events.


As an RFI Global employee, you’ll also enjoy

  • Healthcare insurance
  • Pension contributions
  • Enhanced parental leave offering
  • 25 days leave per year plus public holidays

We value your expertise

We take a proactive approach to recruitment, searching for skilled people who can serve our clients with their expertise. Recruiting regardless of location, so that we can deliver the right team, with the right experience to every client, anywhere in the world.

RFI in Action


Making a Global Impact

We strive to make an impact where we can. Empowering communities and raising money for causes we are passionate about.

Acting responsibly

We are committed to ensuring our organisation is not just socially responsible, but also environmentally considerate. This commitment is highlighted through our mission and values, ethos, and company practices. Explore some of our recent initiatives below


Client Testimonials

RHB works with RFI Global


“RFi data is robust and insightful. Always able to provide recommendations & competitive benchmarking for us to decide on next actions.”

Velocity Frequent Flyer works with RFI Global


We never seem to have enough time. The content is so interesting and the RFi team have a wealth of knowledge that we tap into as much as possible during our sessions.

VISA works with RFI Global

RFi Group is one of the best research companies out there within the financial services and payments industry.

Bank Saudi Fransi works with RFI Global


Excellent and credible presentation given.

Clearpay works with RFI Global


Professional, experience and expertise. A great friendly team of people who you feel are there to help you and the customer.

Facebook logo on RFI Global, data and insights provider of exclusive research for banking and financial services

Nailed the brief. Insight was incremental to what we know and what our clients know. Specific to our needs valuable and actionable in the context of our product/service offering


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