Data & Insights Products

Each of our comprehensive solutions starts with our proprietary global and local data and our unrivalled financial services expertise to provide:

The Intelligence to ask the right questions.

The Insights that yield the right answers.

The Clarity to make the right decisions.

Council programs

Empower your decision-making with in-depth insight into the usage and attitudes of financial service products

Since 2006, these customized financial services subscription programs have enabled our clients to acquire, engage and retain customers by helping them navigate current and historic trends across 48 markets.

Unlock a wealth of insight into consumer and business needs for financial service products. RFI Global’s Council programs provide an in-depth understanding of behaviours, attitudes and needs across products, segments and channels to inform your day-to-day decisions – as well as your strategy.

Available in UK, US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, UAE, China, India, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Taiwan.

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Transform your decision-making with Australia’s gold standard in financial services intelligence

Stay ahead of financial services trends with trusted, always-on intelligence.

Atlas is Australia’s most comprehensive financial services data bank of consumers and businesses.
It provides a complete view of the performance of your brand and competitors.

Powered by insights from over 80,000 consumers and businesses annually, it delivers an unrivalled understanding of product usage, sentiment, behaviour and needs across all major product categories.


Unlock unparalleled insight into the financial needs of US households

Empower your decision-making with guidance from the most comprehensive, single-source survey of US financial needs. Representing 130 million US households, MacroMonitor uniquely provides 360 insights into all aspects of household financial behaviour, attitudes, needs and trends across all financial products.

Bespoke research

RFI Global’s bespoke research offers a fully customised way to validate your product development, market positioning and strategic business initiatives. Through a collaborative approach, we’ll recommend the optimal methodology that enables you to benefit from our unrivalled quantitative and qualitative research expertise.



Client Testimonials

“The depth of data analysis, beyond the survey results, has exceeded our expectations.”


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RHB works with RFI Global


“RFi data is robust and insightful. Always able to provide recommendations & competitive benchmarking for us to decide on next actions.”

Velocity Frequent Flyer works with RFI Global


We never seem to have enough time. The content is so interesting and the RFi team have a wealth of knowledge that we tap into as much as possible during our sessions.

VISA works with RFI Global

RFi Group is one of the best research companies out there within the financial services and payments industry.

Clearpay works with RFI Global


Professional, experience and expertise. A great friendly team of people who you feel are there to help you and the customer.

Facebook logo on RFI Global, data and insights provider of exclusive research for banking and financial services

Nailed the brief. Insight was incremental to what we know and what our clients know. Specific to our needs valuable and actionable in the context of our product/service offering


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