February | Our Month in Numbers


Dive into our latest trends and forecasts for fintech, payments and movements of major players across the financial landscape. Unlock our snapshot view on key data and actionable insights.

1 in 10 Merchants accepts BNPL

and 1 in 3 have some appetite for these over the next 12 months.

Payments merchant acceptance BNPL

In 2021, 44% of multi-channel merchants incurred the majority of revenue online, up substantially from 36% in 2019.  

Atome has seen significant growth in BNPL

BNPL awareness across both Hong Kong and Singapore increased from 19% in May 2021 to 33% in October 2021 and  25% to 38% respectively over the same period. 

22% of online/ in-app 

clothing purchases in Australia are now paid for with BNPL. 

39% of SMEs in the UK

(up to £10m in annual revenue) are female-owned. 

Female business SME owned

Female-owned SMEs further face difficulties operating internationally. Only 24% import or export outside the UK. This is significantly lower than male-led businesses, whereby 36% conduct business internationally. 

52% of consumers across the globe

use mobile banking weekly, overtaking online banking for the first time. 

55% of consumers globally

would never go into branch if they could do their banking via alternative channels. 



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