RFi Latest Research: Australian Mortgages Subscription or Report

RFi Group’s Australian Mortgages Subscription or Report 2020 looks into understanding the behaviours, attitudes and key trends of merchants and their customers across Australia.

The report provides financial institutions with unique data driven global insights into the impact of these trends and how to most effectively design strategies to meet their customers’ needs over the next 12-24 months.

This is a must-read, essential and unique report for all financial service professionals working in the retail banking, mortgages and savings sectors across Australia’s banking community.

The RFi Group Australian Mortgages June 2020 Report, is the latest report based on RFi Group’s Australian Mortgage Report (AMC). The AMC is one of RFi Group’s many ongoing syndicated studies focused on delivering actionable insights to financial services sectors across the globe. This report in particular, covers the key findings from a quarterly survey of 2000 plus mortgage borrowers. It includes insights on a diverse range of mortgage related topics such as understanding application channel experience, acquisition, engagement, satisfaction, advocacy, loyalty dynamics, switching & refinancing intention. The report also includes a thought-leading section focusing on understanding the impact of COVID-19 on the mortgage market. Some key questions answered in this section include:

• How has borrower sentiment and intention changed?

• Have borrowers changed their debt repayment strategies?

• Are borrowers aware of and understand the implications of mortgage deferrals?

• Are borrowers satisfied with their lenders’ assistance in helping them cope with the pandemic so far?

All surveys have been anonymized.

Data Delivery: PDF Report

Subscription: This is a quarterly subscription delivered four times a year, or a One-Off report.

Pricing: 39950USD (subscription) or 14950USD (one off)

Market Availability: Other markets available on request to RFi Group

About RFi Group:

RFi Group is a global data-driven insights provider exclusively focused on financial services. We specialise in data and information gathering, customer-based insight generation and business decision support for the world’s leading financial service providers, as well as challengers, disruptive market participants and companies aligned to the FS sector.

We combine global intelligence and local knowledge to provide insightful, valuable and actionable recommendations, with a core focus on the provision of exceptional client service.

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