New technology hasn’t just made accessing the share market easier than ever before, it’s made mastering it a breeze, too.

You’ve decided it’s time to think about investing, but there’s just one problem; where the hell do you start? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. The world of investing can feel like the ultimate secret club; a mysterious world filled with tips and insider knowledge, and one that feels totally impenetrable to anyone who doesn’t spend their life studying the finance section or with their eyes glued to a rolling stock ticker.

And that’s exactly what stops most people investing in the first place. It’s too hard, too complicated – hell, too scary – and so it’s easier just to leave it to the experts and save your money in a low-interest bank account instead.

A UK study from RFi Group found millennials especially preferred to use simple saving accounts rather than investing, despite the minuscule returns they offer. Why? Because more than 40 per cent of young people surveyed said the investment world was simply too difficult to understand.

That’s costing an entire generation money, and lots of it. While a dedicated bank saving account will return a paltry one per cent in interest on your money, Australian shares return an average five per cent per annum – and sometimes much more.

But if you don’t know your money markets from your moving average – your bears from your bulls – then don’t stress, because new technology has made playing the markets so much easier.

From spare-change investment apps that do the hard work for you, often without you even noticing, to technology that predefines investment portfolios to choose from, so you only have to decide how much risk you want to take, investing has never been so easy.