UK Savings Solution

Increase customer retention, drive new customer acquisition, and a healthier bottom line by gaining a deep understanding of saver preferences and needs.


RFI Global’s latest market report on UK Savings covers:
– How savers are reacting to the changing economic conditions
– How rising interest rates impact the savings market
– How rate sensitivity drives switching
– Benefit from key insights & actionable  recommendations

uK Savings report

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RFI Global's UK Savings Solution delivers personalized data and market insights to offer a deep understanding of savings account holders' preferences, satisfaction, saving goals, and likelihood to switch providers. Our data empowers you to align with the exact needs of your customers, enhance their overall experience, bolster customer retention, and stimulate new customer acquisition.

The Solution Reveals:

- Savings sentiment
- Savings intentions
- Drivers of provider choice
- Importance of digital
- Value of savings tools
- Switching propensity and drivers
- Client insights, such as competitor benchmarks


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