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RFI Global’s UK Mortgage Solution provides valuable insights into mortgage holders’ preferences, experiences, and satisfaction levels. This tailored data and market intelligence offer a comprehensive understanding of customer advocacy, switching propensity, and client-specific insights, including competitor benchmarks and NPS. With this solution, you can optimize the customer experience, enhance customer retention, and drive new customer acquisition. RFI’s latest market report on UK Mortgages covers the impact of rising interest rates, key insights, recommendations, and data from a nationally representative sample of 1,623 mortgage holders. Stay ahead of the competition and gain in-depth insights by understanding borrower needs with RFI Global’s UK Mortgage Solution.

RFI’s most recent market report on UK Mortgages encompasses crucial insights and recommendations, including strategies for lenders to assist mortgage holders in a rising rate environment. With data collected from a nationally representative sample of over 1,600 UK mortgage holders, our solution offers a comprehensive understanding of borrower preferences and requirements and the implications of increasing interest rates.

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UK Mortgage Report

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Latest Mortgage Insights from RFI Global

RFI Global’s Kate Wilson discusses how Mortgage Stress affects consumers globally and changes their behavior. The primary driver of Mortgage Stress is the increased cost of living, leading consumers to struggle to make ends meet. The article highlights that 22% of borrowers in Australia and the UK are experiencing stress and repayment concerns, up from 14% in May 2022 due to immediate responses to rate rises. It presents risks and opportunities, as consumers may switch lenders, but there is also a chance for acquisition. To mitigate these risks, the article recommends that lenders focus on retention and provide genuine, empathetic support for their existing customers.

In the second episode of RFI – In the Know, Kate Wilson previews her article on the impact of Mortgage Stress and its impact on consumer behaviour worldwide. The primary cause of this stress is the increased cost of living, making it difficult for consumers to make ends meet. The video also highlights that 22% of borrowers in Australia and the UK are experiencing repayment concerns due to rate rises, up from 14% in May 2022. This poses risks for lenders, as borrowers may switch to other lenders, but it also presents an opportunity for acquisition. The video outlines that lenders retain existing customers by providing knowledge and support. 


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