UK SME Webinar Series

Following an insightful breakfast seminar in London a few weeks ago, we are delighted to extend the conversation about the potential opportunities for SMEs in 2024 through this webinar. Secure your spot by registering now!

Webinar Three:

Revolutionising SME Banking: Unveiling the Surge in FinTech Adoption

Presenter: Hubert Petka

Group Director

Topics to be discussed:

Webinar Details:

Webinar One:

Opportunities to Continue Meeting SME’s Needs in an Evolving Landscape

Presenter: Jon Ruston

Head of Insights - SME and Commercial Banking

Topics to be discussed:

Webinar Two:

Future Directions for SME Payment Ecosystems

Presenter: Joe Sharangparni

Insights Director – Business Payments

Topics to be discussed:


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