Download a copy of the presentation to learn more about the Opportunities to Continue Meeting SME's Needs in an Evolving Landscape; Revolutionising SME Banking: Unveiling the Surge in Fin Tech Adoption and the Future Directions for SME Payments Ecosystems.

This presentation is for:


Learn why 9% of SMEs are considering switching in the next 12 months in pursuit of a better digital and servicing experience.


Understand what is driving the 5% increase in use of digital only providers with 37% of all SMEs saying they are now using such a provider.

Payment Providers:

Discover evolving payment preferences of businesses and the role of business and personal credit cards in supporting cashflow.

Companies attended: Lloyds Bank, TSB, Metro Bank, Natwest, Co-op bank, Allica, Cambridge Building Society, Nium, TriplePoint, Recognise Bank, Mastercard, American Express, VISA, Barclays and others.

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