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RFI Global is very excited to be attending and presenting at Pay360 this year

21st-22nd March, 2023

About RFI Global

RFI Global is the only global data & insights company focusing exclusively on financial services, equipping leaders across the finance industry with local, regional and global insights that pinpoint trends and predict future consumer behaviour, sentiment and needs. We provide actionable and evidence-based insights to clients ranging from Global and Regional Banks to FinTechs, Consultancies, and Regulators in 49 markets, helping them move quickly and confidently from question to data-driven action. Since 2006, our data-driven insights, practical recommendations and unparalleled intelligence have removed uncertainty from the decision-making process of leading financial service providers.

How business payments are the key to overcoming UK economic uncertainty

The presentation covers:

  • Understanding the relationship between sentiment and business payments

  • How to achieve “better than satisfied” across the payments ecosystem

  • Partnerships or products? What do businesses really want?

If our presentation has lead to more questions please don’t hesitate to contact us

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Hear from Joe Sharangparni ahead of his presentation at Pay360

Our Councils

Payments Council - Consumer

Insights on consumer payment behaviour, preferences and adoption of new payment methods and deep dive on credit cards.

SME & MME Banking

Insights on business sentiment, product ownership and usage, drivers of bank and product choice, satisfaction and switching propensity, channel, payments behaviour and preferences.

Business Payments

Insights on payments behaviour and preference, appetite for emerging payment methods, deep dive on business and corporate cards, with full comparisons of domestic versus international expense payments.

Merchant Acceptence

Insights on merchant acceptance, including acquiring, ecommerce, BNPL, POS solutions, and what drives choice, satisfaction and switching, as well as the overview of value added services and integration.


Undeniably, Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) is here to stay, but what it will look like in 12 months from now could be very different from the Buy Now Pay Later we know today.

BNPL usage continues to grow, and evermore banks are entering the space, but who will come out on top once the regulations have reshaped the Buy Now Pay Later market?

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