RFI Global collects data from hundreds of thousands of interviews with business leaders, we have analysed the evolving landscape of both global and local business payments. Our focus on SME and Commercial B2B Payments offers unparalleled insight into the sector’s potential opportunities.

Key Insights include:

RFI Global's Payment Councils

Payments Council - Consumer

Insights on consumer payment behaviour, preferences and adoption of new payment methods and deep dive on credit cards.

SME & MME Banking

Insights on business sentiment, product ownership and usage, drivers of bank and product choice, satisfaction and switching propensity, channel, payments behaviour and preferences.

Business Payments

Insights on payments behaviour and preference, appetite for emerging payment methods, deep dive on business and corporate cards, with full comparisons of domestic versus international expense payments.

Merchant Acceptence

Insights on merchant acceptance, including acquiring, ecommerce, BNPL, POS solutions, and what drives choice, satisfaction and switching, as well as the overview of value added services and integration.

Buy Now, Pay Later

Undeniably, Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) is here to stay, but what it will look like in 12 months from now could be very different from the Buy Now Pay Later we know today.


BNPL usage continues to grow, and evermore banks are entering the space, but who will come out on top once the regulations have reshaped the Buy Now Pay Later market?

Latest Insights

Remarkable Growth of Global FinTech Industry comes under pressure from Economic Downturn

The FinTech industry came into existence in the years following the financial crash of 2008, which unleashed both a reputational crisis for traditional banks and an era of relentless digitalisation of financial services.

Canadian Merchant Surcharging – Doomsday for credit cards? Or a bump on the road?

As a quick recap, in the decade leading up to 2021, several class action lawsuits were brought by merchants in the Canadian provinces of Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario, Québec and Saskatchewan against the card networks and the banks.

Adding Value for Savers in a Challenging Market

Consumer confidence in the UK is low. In fact, the OECD has been producing its Consumer Confidence Index (CCI) in the UK since the early 1970’s and it has never been as low as it is now. To put that into perspective, in 1975 the index dipped as low as 94.5 and has spent all of the intervening years within a range of 95 and 105.

Remittances Fueling Post-Pandemic Return to Globalisation

Personal remittances often reflect the flow of funds from people and countries that have money to those that need it. By rebalancing wealth, remittances bring greater equilibrium to the global economy.

RFI - In the Know

Remarkable Growth of the Global FinTech Industry
Canadian Merchant Surcharging
Women In Payments

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RFI Global is the only global data & insights company focusing exclusively on financial services, equipping leaders across the finance industry with local, regional and global insights that pinpoint trends and predict future consumer behaviour, sentiment and needs. We provide actionable and evidence-based insights to clients ranging from Global and Regional Banks to FinTechs, Consultancies, and Regulators in 49 markets, helping them move quickly and confidently from question to data-driven action. Since 2006, our data-driven insights, practical recommendations and unparalleled intelligence have removed uncertainty from the decision-making process of leading financial service providers.


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