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Striking gold or mining uranium? Redefining our relationship with data and privacy

Privacy and data security is fast becoming an important focus in public discourse. Well publicised data breaches have shone a spotlight on the sheer scale of collected personal information, while exposing the large risks of inadequate protection and mismanagement. This increasing concern has forced privacy protection to take a more prominent role, with major reforms to privacy laws likely to come into force in coming years.

So how should the customer owned banking sector respond to these challenges? And is the use of a customer’s personal information more like striking gold – providing infinite insights to drive business outcomes – or mining uranium – balancing the significant benefits with equally significant risks for storage and disposal? This session will bring together a broad range of perspectives to discuss how we should think about privacy today, and into the future.

Kate Wilson


Global Product Director



Monday 25th September


11.45 – 13.00


Business Session 2: Striking gold or mining uranium? Redefining our relationship with data and privacy


Meeting Room 6-8, Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre



Kate Wilson, Global Product Director, RFI Global

Jeremy Andreani, Head of Cyber Security, NGM Group

Narelle Smythe, Partner, Ashurst Australia

Cindy Hansen, Chief Strategy and Transformation Officer, Qudos Bank

Facilitator: Effie Zahos

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